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Who are Digital Dominance

We are a digital agency thriving on achieving your goals

Welcome to Digital Dominance – one of Swedens most competent marketing agencies with offices in Stockholm and Malmö! With our unique concept for digital marketing we help business from the smallest store to the largest enterprise corporations with increasing their sales online. We make sure to have fun along the way!

The marketing agency that was not supposed to become an agency

When Digital Dominance was founded, the idea was never to become a digital marketing agency. The company was born out of necessity and frustration after hiring four of the largest digital agencies in Sweden to market Nortech-corporations internal businesses without results or correct focus. We thought that we could do this better ourselves?

And we could. When our way of working proved successful in our internal companies, that grew substantially in profit online, we started quickly acquiring external clients – and already after two years, they outgrew the number of internal businesses as clients.

We grew quickly – and we are continuing to grow! 

Today almost 95% of our customers are external and we continue to grow – as new clients find us, often through existing cooperations, as we rarely loose any existing customers. This makes us proud, especially as we do not have any subscription periods, as we want our clients to stay with us since we deliver results!

Results which we have delivered – 98.6% of of our customers has increased their profitable sales online using us and our unique way of working in the digital space! Our goal is to be the best boutique digital marketing agency in Sweden that delivers clear, measurable results for our customers. Our clients should know exactly what their digital investment has resulted in and feel safe with us.

Goal: To become Swedens best digital agency with world class employees

To become a world class digital agency we need world class employees. We put a lot of effort in to hiring the right people and to offer a fun, educating work place with entrepreneurial mindset. Focus is on helping each other, knowledge sharing, continued development and supporting ideas that can become profitable actions. All to make sure our customers dominate the web!

Meet our team

Anna Mellstrand

Niclas Andersson

Rickard Asp

Mathieu Degas

Charlotta Eriksson

Therese Andersson

Jonas Skarstam

Alexander Stiessel

Erika Rantakeisu



Why you should hire us

  • Profit for you: We have helped 98,6% of our customers to increase their profit online.
  • Tracking: We base all of our recommendations and decisions on statistical data to achieve your goals.

  • We care: We are a team that engages and you will have a personal strategist that thrives on you achieving your goals.
  • Transparency: Strategies are developed together with you as a client, where results and analysis is clearly reported.

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