Web development

We are a web agency in Stockholm and Malmö with experience in web development, building and maintaining hundreds of sites. Our competent web developers are happy to help you with creating a new site – or update and optimize your current one.

Web development that is based on an advertising strategy

Your website is a very important platform for communication and plays a central role in caring for your visitors and potential customers. The site needs continues love and care to make sure it is graphically up to date, user friendly, informative and customized towards the company goal and digital presence. Thanks to our holistic approach you will not “only” get a regular web agency, but one that has a marketing, communication and strategic mindset from start to finish. By using our experience from marketing and previous web builds – we can help you to continuously improve what works for conversions to your audience.

The most common assignment within web development is to help companies with designing complete new websites and solutions or update and maintain current ones.

Common questions we work with

  • Should we update our current site or create a brand new one?
  • My website is loading slowly, how can we make it faster?
  • How should be think when creating a search optimized page from start?
  • How do we make sure we do not loose visibility on Google when changing our site?
  • What CMS should I choose – WordPress, Drupal, Epi-server or something else?

We develop your new site – or improve your current

Our experienced web developers can help you create a new tailor-made website from scratch, or improve and maintain your current site. In addition to web development we are happy to help with other strategic questions regarding search engine optimization, which is needed for your potential customers to find you through Google or other search engines.

  • Development of brand new website
  • Maintenance of current site
  • Update of design/theme
  • Choice of CMS
  • Improving the site speed
  • Tailor website solutions
  • Develop and build web shops
  • Security and back-ups