Email automation an email marketing

Email automation is a growing area of digital marketing and many of our clients that uses this channel, realizes how efficient this is. We work primarily with automation of email to create funnels and work more efficiently with email as a channel of sales. With other words, we analyze what email you should send and when which is driven by what works! 

Effective marketing and lead nurturing with email automation

In later years email-marketing has really developed – this is not only about sending out a newsletter on a regular basis to a long list of e-mail contacts that the company has gathered. Today there is so much more potential with email and with the tools available this becomes more advanced. For example creating automated email strings and personalized messages. As the potential for email is increasing there is a need for a clear and thorough strategy. Email-marketing is becoming more and more important, from gathering to segmentation and copy to audience for creating the best converting messages.

We have some clients that work very successful with email from small businesses to larger corporations with thousands of customer on their lists. With our experience in working with several different industries and tools we are happy to help you find the email strategy that suits your business and will increase your sales!

Common questions we work with

  • How do we create more engagement from our subscribers/receivers?
  • How can email help to increase our revenue?
  • How can we work with longterm efficiency through email marketing?
  • How can we find out what our audience is interested in?
  • How can we create better quality lists, segments & audiences?

We help you to make your email marketing efficient

Regardless of your current situation with email, we can help you get started or develop your current strategy. We are brave enough to say that so far we have yet to meet a customer who has not got potential in increasing sales and leads with help from email marketing.

  • Strategy for email automation
  • Content recommendation
  • Content production
  • A/B-test of messages
  • Choose the right tools for you
  • Creating funnels for email automation
  • Statistics and analysis of responses
  • Educate and instruct

The pros of email automation

By gathering email adressess from your clients and potential customers there are great possibilities to help them and at the same time create value in the dialog, by learning their interests. There are numerous ways in gathering email adressess on your website – downloading white papers, opt-in forms on the page or registering for newsletter. We will find a way that works for you.

Email funnels are usually created with the purpose of working on leads or to create added sales. Is the buying process long? Then email automation is great to keep the leads warm, reminding them about the company and service you provide. This way way you increase the chance of being on top of mind when the customer will make a decision for a new supplier. In short this means that we created funnels of email that the customer will interact with depending on what part of the buying process they are in. Is the person visiting a specific page? Send an email. Was it some time ago since the customer bought something from your webbshop?