Paid advertising: PPC, Google Ads and much more

With extensive experience of PPC paid advertising in different channels and platforms such as Google Ads, IP-marketing, and Bing Ads, we can produce and optimize ads that make you visible when people search for your products or services. 

We aim to maximize your sales in a profitable way with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – we do not base our fees on your budget or to take short cuts.

New insights and 3-5 times sales increase

Ok, something we are very proud of, is to have increased sales with up to 3-5 times the revenue for customers we have acquired from colleagues in the digital marketing space – without increasing ad spend. Sine our focus is on cost per action or sale we can also measure profitable sales. Unfortunately we have seen some poor examples (including some from the largest companies in the world) where the advertising spend is the same as the revenue. This is not good to put it mildly.

Another very important aspect of running advertising, that many forget is that it gives great insights on your target groups, their behavior and search patterns. For several years we have developed a unique concept and methodology with advertising to prioritize what keywords are important as base for SEO, and what areas of content marketing/strategies should be built. To work with marketing in this holistic way, is unbeatable for synergies which leads to profitable advertising!

Common questions we deal with for PPC/paid advertising

  • How do we maximize sales through Google Ads and paid advertising/PPC?
  • What is an acceptable cost per lead or transaction in the webbshop?
  • How much should we spend on SEM vs. Social Media?
  • Based on search results and conversions in Google Ads – what keywords should we focus our SEO on?
  • How can we use insights of search behavior for business strategies (ie. product naming, or product development)?

We help to maximize your sales with PPC/paid advertising

We are proud to have some of Swedens experts in channels such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, IP-marketing – and many more platforms. We work tirelessly using our algorithm that focus on your business, and we do not leave settings on automatic. We work in Swedish, English and another 15 languages. Regardless if you need help with a startup or audit and expand your current advertising, we can help you.

Please ask us and we are happy to explain more on how we have decreased costs and increased revenue for our current clients!

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads/Bing-advertising
  • Optimize for maximum sales/ROI (not traffic!)
  • Analyze search behavior for SEO
  • IP-marketing
  • Advertising in social media
  • YouTube-advertising
  • Startup/continuous tuning of account