Social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn – we are working with all types of social media and we can make people know you in the way that is right for your company. We have customers of different types and sizes – varying from smaller company’s who just got a Facebook page to some of Sweden´s most well-known brands with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Reach the right audience on social media – in the right way

To put it simple – our task is to make sure you as a company are visible in the right social channels, in the right way and to the right people. Social media offers great opportunities for communication and sales, but to find the spot-on channel can sometimes feel like navigating through the jungle with blind folder and broken GPS.

We often meet companies who find it hard to connect their social activities with their overall strategy, to find a continuity in their communication and to evaluate the activities that have been done, through for instance advertising with ads. This is where we step in!

Common questions we work with

  • Which social channels are right for us – and WHY?
  • Can social media increase our sales?
  • How do we allocate the budget per social channel to reach best possible ROI?
  • How can we measure which revenue belongs to which channel and is it organic/paid?
  • How do we get a good balance between organic posts and ads?
  • What content should we produce and how often do we make posts?

We can help with your social media strategy, advertising & editorial content

We work with both paid and organic activities in all the big social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as collaborations with Influencers. We are happy to be a Facebook Marketing Partner giving us several advantages like better support and more tools etc.

We can be responsible for running all communication or be there as a helping hand for a Marketing department. It can involve organic traffic in one end of the spectrum – Facebook updates and funny Instagram pics – to managing paid activities as ads and collaborations in the other end of the spectrum.

And as always, our work starts with your overall business strategy/goals and – since we love measuring things – you as a customer get the best ROI.

  • Advertising
  • Measure sales/ROI from sociala medier
  • Content plan/calendar for sociala medier
  • Analysis of current campaigns
  • Organic/editorial content
  • Choosing correct plattform and social media channel
  • Reach your competitors followers/target audience
  • Support and discuss ideas