SEO – Search Engine Optimization and content marketing

Increase your websites traffic and visibility on Google and other search engines by using search engine optimization, also known as SEO. To be able to work with SEO in the right way, it’s crucial to be aware of which keywords and search queries that are profitable for you and your organization to rank for. As an SEO agency, we have a long experience of helping hundreds of clients in different industries to dominate the search engine result pages, and we can help you increase your visibility on the right keyword in the right way too.

Search engine optimization to increase traffic and conversions

Simply explained, SEO implies that you or the website admin performs on page and off page changes to the website to get search engines and users to like and prefer your website more than before. Within SEO there are literally hundreds of ranking factors that play a more or less important role for your website’s organic performance, and since Google and other search engines carry out changes to their search algorithm on a daily basis, this also means that the importance and priority of these ranking factors change on a daily basis too. A couple of years ago, SEO was a lot about technical things like backlinks and meta descriptions. These things are still important, but now Google also values how users experience your website. This means that if users like your website – then Google will too.

To be able to work with effective and serious SEO, which is the one that really affects your conversion rate in a positive way, it’s important to figure out which keywords are the ones you should increase your visibility for, and this is done by doing something called a keyword analysis. We can’t stress enough how important it is to not only do a keyword analysis, but to also do it right. After taking on some of our competitor’s clients we’ve realized that this, unfortunately, isn’t something every SEO-agency does.

SEO takes time

SEO is time consuming and something you work with long-term, and it’s a shame to spend a lot of time and effort on trying to boost your rankings on certain keywords, only to find out that the keywords you now rank for are not the ones that are the most relevant to your business. To counter this, we use an elaborate methodology where we collect data from Google Ads on which keywords that are actually converting on your website. This is to make sure that we don’t just focus our SEO on the keywords that are the most searched for, but also the ones that converts users on your website.

Some of our common question we work with

  • How can we increase our visibility in the SERP (Search Engines Result Pages)?
  • Which keywords are our website ranking for right now?
  • Have we lost visibility on some keywords? If yes – which ones, and how can we counter-act this?
  • Which keywords are the most relevant for us to rank well on?
  • What do we need to do to be able to keep or increase our organic visibility when we change/migrate our website?

We improve your visibility on Google with smart search engine optimization

Talking about smart search engine optimization we usually mean SEO that gives result in terms of sales. To get more visitors can be irrelevant if this does not drive up sales. We help you answer the question “what keywords should we rank on?”, then we use SEO implementation to dominate the search results on Google and other search engines.

  • Keyword optimization of web sites
  • Keyword analysis and keyword mapping
  • SEO counseling when changing or updating site
  • Content marketing
  • On page-optimization
  • Off page-optimization
  • Link strategies
  • Keyword monitoring