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Digital Dominance is a certified Google Partner with experience since 2009 from working with Google Ads-advertising for both smaller businesses and multinational, world-leading companies. We have gathered experience from working with some of the most competitive branches such as loan-intermediation, health and travels. This requires a never-ending urge to remain at the leading edge, smart thinking and optimization. No matter what kind of client you are, or what difficult business you’re in, this is something that benefits you!

What is Google Ads?

In short terms – Google Ads (previously AdWords) is the world’s largest digital advertising tool.

Our skilled Google Ads-experts (i.e: nerds) have long experience from working with Google Ads-advertising. This includes search-, display- and remarketing advertising, Google shopping and YouTube-advertising. We are curious and often combine the different options to get the optimal mix for every unique client! When we initiate a new cooperation we often discover new possibilities to increase profits for the client by adding services from Google.

Google Ads consists of a search- and display network that are used to reach out to potential customers. When we talk about Google Ads, we mostly refer to the search ads that is visible at the top of Googles Search function. Unlike the organic search results, companies pay to be seen at the the top of the search results. Although, you only actually pay when someone clicks on the ad (CPC = Cost per Click). Exactly how much you pay for a click is decided by a number of factors:

  • The number of advertisers wanting to be seen on the actual search term
  • How relevant Google finds you to be on that specific search term (the more Google likes your page, the less you get to pay – and vice versa…)
  • How good you or your agency are at staying in the loop and at optimizing your account in order to get the most businesses as possible

Asking how much it is you be advertising on Google can be compared to the classic question “How long is a rope?”. Today there are, at the most, four advertising spots to be seen on using search ads. This makes the advertiser visible at the absolute best spot amongst the search results on Google and swallows quite a bit of the search traffic.

A Tool That Makes You Visible

Google Ads is an excellent tool to increase sales and visibility or get more visitors to your website. Everything is measurable which makes it possible to micro manage exactly how much you want to pay per keyword and ad and also to assure that you are in control of your expenses. Since a large part of the search results consists of ads this reduces the visibility of the organic searches that ends up at the bottom of the result page. Combined with the recent findings showing that users find it harder than ever before to distinguish between payed ads and organic results, this means a whole lot actually clicks on the ads.

Google Ads also offers a range of other tools that can be useful for your business.

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Google Display

When visiting a news site, looking for a hotel or just browsing across the internet you might have noticed some ads? They are shown at the top of the website with a banner, between paragraphs or at the side column. These ads can be used by advertisers that wants to scream out their message instead of waiting for potential customers to search for them on Google. Today there are more than three million websites in Googles display network. The website owners have allowed the ads to be shown in exchange for money from Google AdSense.

Another difference from search ads is that display ads can consist of images or video-clips. You can either create your own banner ads or Google can suggest something based on your texts. 

YouTube Advertising 

It’s not that big of a surprise that YouTube is the world’s largest video platform, but did you know that it’s also the second largest search engine after Google? Video ads is a good way of showing your company’s personality and takes your brand to the next level. Until now, this has been a rather unused ad format but with the right insights and strategy this can be both effective and profitable. 

Unlike traditional TV, YouTube only charges you when the ad has actually been shown for someone at least 30 seconds or longer – or seen the complete video. This is assured by the service called True View. 

Being on YouTube as a business can not only up your revenues, but also generate other advantages. Since YouTube is owned by Google, Google will premiere websites consisting videos from YouTube. In other words, it’s a good way of increasing the search engine optimization for your website. It’s also possible to make sure that you reach the right audience. Direct your advertising towards the right geographical area and the right target group – doing so you will avoid unnecessary costs.

Google Shopping

If you want to increase the number of conversions, you should use Google Shopping – Google’s own price comparison service.

The ads show both images and price before someone has clicked on the ad. Usually, using Google Shopping means a lower click-price and higher conversion rate than regular ads on Google.

Since the customer instantly gets an idea of the appearance and price of the product, you can think of it as a short-cut to purchase. If the customer clicks on the ad, you can be sure that he or she already has a good idea about the product, therefore the chance of a purchase increases. 

Dynamic Product Remarketing

As an extension of Google Shopping, “Dynamic product re-marketing” enables advertising towards former website visitors with ads inspired by the part of the website that the visitor has recently visited. This means the visitor will be shown ads with products they have already been looking at or even put in their basket. 

This is a highly relevant and effective way of marketing since the interest from the visitor is already granted.

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