Tracking, digital and web analysis

To measure and analyze is the foundation of everything we do to help your company to understand the potentials of success online. The website, ads, social media, apps – we measure everything we can access and is transparent with our reporting, so you as a client always can see what we do and what data we base our suggestions on.

The art on measuring the right stuff – and find the correct metrics for you

Our most important advice to succeed online can be summarized with continuous monitoring of key metrics or KPI´s (key performance indicator). That is why we track and analyze everything we do, to continue optimizing our wok and channels we work with. Recommendation we give to our clients are based on data and statistics we have gathered.

Many companies does no know what type of website traffic that is the most profitable for them. By testing different channels and platforms as well as audiences we can evaluate and give accurate recommendations on what channels you should use to get maximum performance. Some can have a lager audience on social media platforms like Facebook, while others get more profitable traffic from paid advertising and search engine optimization. Its up to us to find what channels and marketing activities that is best for you. In other words – which traffic and activities that will give you the best ROI.

Common questions we work with

  • What channels and marketing activities are most profitable for us?
  • How can we measure and follow behavior on our website?
  • How can we improve user conversion?
  • Where are our most profitable users coming from?
  • How profitable is our digital advertising?

We help you to track the right stuff and analyze for great results

Some of the first things we do in a new cooperation, alongside forming a strategy, is to setup tracking. This is the foundation of our work – to evaluate and optimize, we need to track the right things  Have you never heard of Google Analytics? You are not alone, we will help you from scratch – by installing tracking, analytic tools and create goals which we measure the success on.

From the analysis we report ongoing results: marketing activities, user behavior on the site and much more to continue making steady improvements.

  • Installing tracking code (t.ex. Google Analytics)
  • Implement conversion tracking
  • Monthly reporting and analysis
  • Audience analysis
  • Installing e-commerce tracking
  • Measure social media traffic
  • Analysis of user engagement
  • Analysis deviation in for instance traffic or sales