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Do you sometimes wonder what it would be like to work with digital marketing abroad but feel that you are not really keen on changing your life as it is? So do we! We do love living in Stockholm and Malmö but a change of scenery can be quite nice once in a while. If you work at a digital marketing agency located anywhere in the world and would like to try out life in Sweden for a little while – we would love to get in touch!

But first, let’s take it from the beginning…

It all started one night out and about in Stockholm. A couple of colleagues hanging out in a hotel bar, relaxing with a well-deserved drink or two; “What if you could work in a similar office somewhere else in the world, just for a little while, wouldn’t that be nice?”. Not all ideas that stem from alcohol are genius, but this, we thought, was kind of close to it! The idea was then further developed during a kick-off trip to the northern parts of Sweden and after some brainstorming we had established the framework of what we call Office Swapping!

The concept and how it works

Basically, the concept of office swapping enables employees to swap offices for a limited amount of time, decided and agreed between the different offices. We reckon one or two weeks would be adequate but this is of course up for discussion!

First and foremost, contact will be established between the swapping offices. Together we will look into the preconditions and evaluate what would be ideal regarding time and other practicalities. Maybe we will share recommendations about decent areas to stay in, affordable hotels and whatnot? A get-to-know-each-other kind-of step.

When all is set and the actual swap is about to go down – the offices will provide a desk and welcome the swapper, perhaps by taking the swapper out for a guided city tour or to a nice place to eat? Whatever you think would make the swapper feel welcome and excited about the stay.

Work wise we suggest the swapper will work as per usual about 80% of the time on own projects and that he or she will participate in the new office work for about 20% of the time. We are sure this will richen both parties with a lot of new insights and knowledge!

So, to sum it up, this is what you get if you decide to join our Office Swap-program:

    • Increased knowledge and insights about digital marketing
    • A broader international network with connections across the globe (might even lead to a couple of new friends or clients, who knows?)
    • A chance to be a part of a completely unique experience – as far as we know, we are the first ones trying this out 🙂
    • A possibility to discover new parts of the world – a refreshing change of environment!
    • A first class Stockholm experience! We are a social group of colleagues who enjoys having fun at the office. You will get to participate in our mandatory Friday-quiz, eat lots of fika and join a typical “after work”!

Intrigued? Do not hesitate – contact us asap and let’s get this going!

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Office Swapping
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