Latest news – and 6 tips to increase your conversion rate

Nyhetsbrev digital marknadsföring

Digital markering news in April

Google Ads offers more opportunities for product feeds

Google Ads is now allowing Performance Max campaigns to connect to Merchant Center and the product feeds have expanded its availability to all Discovery advertisers. Retailers can use lifestyle images and a short text with their Google Merchant Center catalogue to deliver more relevant ads. Good news for those of you with a product feed!

LinkedIn has launched a tool for A/B-testing campaigns – finally!

While it does feel like LinkedIn is being a little late (read: a lot) on the ball, but now you will have the opportunity to A/B-test ad format, target group or placement.

Instagram brings us two new ad formats: Reminder Ads and Search Ads

Instagram is launching two new ad formats, one called Reminder Ads and one that shows ads right in the search section. The Search Ads are becoming closer to a pull-channel, which is an interesting and potentially profitable development – to reach people actively searching for businesses, products and content.

Reminder Ads are designed to make it easier for businesses to announce, remind and notify people of a future event or launch that they might be interested in.

After the initial testing phase, Meta plans to launch ads in search results globally in the coming months. So look for it in your account!

Deep dive: 6 tips on how to optimize your conversion rate

Almost 70% of e-commerce customers abandon their cart and 23% of the customers find the checkout process complicated. Research states that the best-optimized checkout pages have an abandonment rate of only 20%.

The reasons for abandonments during checkout can be that the extra cost of shipping is too high, the site demanded an account creation, delivery time was to slow, low trust for the website or that the checkout process was too complicated.

Here are 6 tips how to optimize your checkout process:

  1. Refrain from mandatory registration
  2. Minimize shipping costs, and be clear with them upfront
  3. Offer multiple payment options. Research what options are preferred on specific markets – this varies between countries.
  4. Optimize checkout for mobile (yeah, we know mobile first has been standard for a while but still worth mentioning again)
  5. Offer a simple one-page-checkout process. Autofill, address lookup, saved customer information and auto-copying shipping to billing information (in Sweden this is unusual to separate entirely).
  6. Use trust seals (SSL-certification)

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